Game Basics

LayerOne is a game in which you learn and earn cryptocurrency. Beyond simply learning, the object of the game is to tokenize the world and earn as much gold as possible!

LandRush Event

The first task in LayerOne is for a player to claim their land. We will distribute $100m of our ERC20 token, LandRush Gold ($LRG) to the firt 100k digital land owners. $LRG can only be bought during the landrush or earned in the LayerOne app there after.

Distribution Strategy

The number of $LRG tokens earned for tokenizing land will decrease from 2000 $LRG/Land to 2 $LRG/Land over the course of the LandRush. $LRG can still be earned for completing other tasks after the auction, but rarley will so many tokens be available at once for so little work.

The Team

Kevin Weiler


Lead Blockchain Engineer

Graham McBain


Rasheed Bustamam

React Developer

CJ McGregor

Backend Engineer

After the LandRush

Land owners will be able to sell their land on an open peer to peer digital land market. All remaining land owned by LayerOne will be sold for its estimated market price based on other Peer-to-Peer sales.

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